Friday, January 29, 2021

Let's Play Politricks: Who Am I?


Mystery birth chart based upon a noon time birth, Astrodienst (

I haven't done any card readings because I don't feel right about it at this time.

For now I will use the astrology because it's fun and it is what people like the most when it comes to my interpretations.

I have to laugh at videos being posted by other can we not post this stuff?  I understand the temptation to flip cards on these high profile people who are shocking the world.

I do not have this individual's exact time of birth, I will deliver what I see in the chart.  

YOU dear readers, get to guess who this may be!  Let's see if you can guess who it is!

Here is my interpretation of this mystery person's natal chart:

This individual is a sun sign Gemini.  If the birth time is within two hours of noon, he/she is a Leo rising.  Gemini is changeable and I often refer to Gemini as the chameleon.  One minute laughing and having fun and the next minute going into a dark tirade of words that are pointed and hurtful.  The use of words is how this placement shows up in the chart.

Since Mercury, the messenger, is ruling this person's overall chart, he/she would be very skilled with the use of words, and the humor shows up with puns and plays of words.  He or she may be a data sponge, but due to other placements in this natal chart, there could be two sides to every perception and this individual would be very good at seeing two sides of every situation.

Right away, I see natal moon conjunct the ascendant, in Leo. This person is dynamic, creative and easily "incensed".  With a Leo Moon placement on the first house this individual is, on first impression, emotionally vibrant and the emotions can attract those of like temperament. This person is emotionally dependent upon attention doesn't accept "no" as an option when pushing their causes.

Since Leo is highlighted in this person's chart, let's talk about Leo, the lion, full of courage, the king or queen of his or her respective jungle. Leadership is present in this chart, and at least, recognition.  Self worth is measured by gifts and visible gestures of love.

Leo is a generous archetype ruled by the Sun. Leo's energy takes place in the fifth house of love and children. The first impression this person makes would be:  loving and demonstrative affection. For this person, it is very important to  have affection, to be validated in a colorful and creative way. The deep emotional need for this type of attention is shown by the natal moon conjunct the ascendant.

Others might initially view this individual as "lion-hearted", generous of spirit, and full of fun. In social situations this mystery person comes off as dynamic, showy, loving and bombastic.

But there's more to be observed, as we scratch the surface of this person's cosmic make-up:

The midheaven is how we move about in the world. How we interact with the world toward our highest intentions. Also, how the world interacts with the individual. 

Here we see the MC (mid heaven) in the sign of Taurus.

Highly motivated by love(money), sex (love in motion), money (security), luxury (vanity) and beauty, this person's midheaven is in Taurus, the sign of the bull.  

***FYI, there have been lots of discussions within the "empath" cult groups of Q Anon regarding Aldebaran, a fixed star which is situated in the constellation of Taurus, as "the eye of the bull". Occultists associate Aldebaran with anti-Semitism and Hitler for a host of complicated reasons although they will not openly admit this up front.***

Aldebaran, also known as "Alpha Tauri", the fixed star, is at the top of this person's  natal chart with the MC.  The darker elements of Aldebaran are observed in this chart. Read more here and reach your own conclusions!

Did I mention that Taurus is not only stubborn but implacable?

Opposite to the midheaven, which represents how we are interacting "out in the world", is the IC, and the IC is related to generational and early conditioning, and where we "come from" which motivates the MC's drive. Our inner world.

In this mystery person's chart, the IC is in the sign of Scorpio. Ingrained in this person's generational history are themes related to inheritance, power, control, money, sex, trauma, death, crimes, secrets, surgeons (?), issues of sanity and obsession, possession, and multi-layered, extremely complex situations that would require some level of detective work and good hunches, to work through.    

If this was not an opposition, and it was in a favorable aspect, I might say this person is a gifted healer who can heal the sick and dying by use of plant medicine, and they may be motivated by childhood trauma.  Sadly in this case it looks very toxic and instead this individual may be out in the world appealing to the traumatized masses with visions of money, power, and healing.

This individual thrives on money, both inherited and earned, is not ashamed of his/her penchant for materialism and hearty sex, is extremely stubborn, and engaged fully in the physicality of life. Money truly is the driving force here and is the language for "love".  Sex for money?

Jupiter sits in the eighth house of this chart, and it's in Pisces. Maybe there is luck through...spiritual sex? Luck through power? Luck by ritualistic sex practices? Luck through being disempowered?  Inheritance?  Secrets?  Blessings come through secretive dealings, and even mysteriously.  These mysterious strokes of luck may be taboo.  

Jupiter's placement here may lead others around this person to believe they are powerful in the occult, and so this may intimidate those who are vulnerable.  In fact, this person's gift may be in the occult practices and may even somehow have a secretive life where they teach matters of the occult. Maybe they know how to hypnotize people on a grand scale in a way that is hardly noticeable.

The blessings that come to this individual occur in the eighth house sector. Scorpio is represented by three symbols, as opposed to only one, like most other zodiac signs. 

First as the scorpion, second as the Eagle, and third, as Phoenix. Explorations of the unknown mysteries, secretive and dishonest dealings, is definitely a blessing for this individual.  Because there is a hard angle to Jupiter with Neptune in the fourth house, lies are the norm.

Powerful, famous people.  Money and fame appeal to this individual at any cost.

Yes, many secrets.

The hard aspect to the fourth house (childhood, upbringing, home of origin, mother) and Neptune implies that there would have been substance abuse issues in the home of origin and many cover-ups and lies in regards to the lucky breaks gained in the eighth house of inheritance, sex, taxes, taboo subjects such as the occult, but it would come back to create a conflict due to the trauma this triggers from childhood.

Any child growing up in an environment like this chart demonstrates, would grow up constantly having a need to seek the truth in any way possible, and so New Age and occult exploration and curiosity about cults could be a thing, especially if the person felt isolated.  Groups of people with common interests would finally help this person feel a part of a "family".

With the Sun in Gemini this could show up as bipolar disorder, but because Scorpio is so heavily placed in the chart, it could also be trauma and conditioning in the early years which lead to dark triad interests and behavior.

Now that we see Uranus and Mars in Taurus, conjunct to this person's midheaven, and at the top of her chart, we will all see how this person's life blows up.  Uranus rules technology and high tech.  Mars rules anger, and war. On the midheaven and specifically this one, this will have a huge impact on this individual's money situation and stability, are disrupted; it's going to be public.

With the natal Uranus in the third house, the communication style is shocking.  It could also mean at some point there is a shocking revelation about a sibling or friend or maybe the communication style is so disruptive that it disrupts sibling relations. If it is a regular theme or a significant event, it could indicate that at some point this individual experienced a move in early life that was unexpected and had an impact on his/her ability to function in daily life.  

Because it has a nice angle to Mercury in the 11th house RULED by Uranus, which is the house of groups of people, of hopes, wishes, dreams and community,  this person is an effective communicator and does best relating to people in group settings and not so much one on one.  Communication (albeit, dishonest) is a strong point.

Mercury is in Gemini...really gifted with writing and word play but the communication is like crazy-making.  One second nice and friendly and the next second the trauma is coming through by the words spoken.

Mainly by the chart this person is concerned with having the ego fueled, prey on people with powerful communication skills and sensuality, and it would be impossible to convince this human being that people have....feelings.

I could go on and on, and truth be told, each chart is as infinite in interpretations, angles and house placements as the cosmos.  If I applied different schools of astrology to one chart, it truly could get very complex and this blog would end in like six months or longer.

Want a hint?  Here's the astrological storyline:

Mercury is in the 7th house right now.  There is a lot of communication around this individual's partnerships and values.  Because Mercury has passed above the descendant, it's coming into the light.

In the natal 6th house, the Sun is rising from the underground.  Is this a leader?This individual will have a mind for the collective and is going to call into question this individual's partnerships and values, but as Saturn comes to rise with this leader, the law is stepping in.

After that, Jupiter rises above from the shadows and the teacher of philosophy steps in.  I speak that metaphorically, but let's just see if you can guess who this is, and then let's just watch, wait and see how things unfold.

As Pluto begins to move into the sixth house, there will be sweeping changes in the native's daily living.  There could be a health issue that results in death. Right now, the planets in the sixth house are still in Capricorn.  I can't say Capricorn is a very friendly guy, but he sure has lots of money!   

As Saturn, Jupiter and the Sun rise above the descendant, it would appear that the demise is coming soon, and it involves the law (Saturn, karma), Jupiter (teacher, blessings), and her ego identity (Sun).  

It won't make life much easier as Pluto and Venus, over the next year or two, begin to approach the descendant of this chart.  It ends horribly, really.  All return from hiding.

So for all you lightworkers out there who are curious to see what the cards bring up, thank you so much for entertaining me, and I felt it was my turn to give you my take from the perspective of an astrologer (moi).

All my astrological interpretations are for entertainment purposes only. 

Have a great day, chickens!  Love, love love. 

Tuesday, January 19, 2021

Capricorn Heavy New Moon Progressing To Aries, Jolted By Uranus Conjunct Mars, Saturn In Aquarius, Jupiter Squares Uranus And Mars

Many new things to think about as we move through the events happening on this planet.  As someone who is a fixer, I feel compelled to "fix" it, but I am only me and I personally am not sure this is my role, in the whole scheme of things.

Just throw me a good pile of soil and I can get the garden growing. It works for me. Hopefully you are all finding a way to your own gardens.  And, if not, at least enjoying some countertop sprouts.  

As a collective we move in the incoming energy of Taurus. The season of Spring, metaphorically. Taurus wants to hang on tightly, while Spring makes a push for growth.  Taurus is probably the most romantic sign of the zodiac, and enjoys beautiful things. 

Uranus is stirring things up for a bit, conjunct Mars in Taurus, as Jupiter squares it.  I see and feel this as an event. Sudden.

My feels for now?  If you're playing the market go for things that can grow, there will be big gains but prepare for equally surprising losses. There are new rules coming right now. The goal is for the greatest good of humanity, and Pluto continues to show us our deep- seated fears while making sure that things will never be the same again.


We should all give thanks for the miracle of our five digits.  Five is a vibration of far-reaching change, and we can change our reality by use of our hands. 

Artists and artisans, gardeners, and Earth tenders, this is a good time for you all to keep creating works of art that lead to change. Do not abuse this.  With Saturn now in Aquarius the karma CAN be far-reaching, and it WILL come back.


I just want to focus on the hands for a moment.  It really matters that we focus on our hands.  Feel the water running over your hands, hot or cold. Take a moment to listen to your thoughts.

Thoughts of the past and future appear in this moment, but don't judge them. Bring your attention to the experience of the water and it's properties, then shift your thoughts to how that feels on your fingers.

Stay in that for a second.  Or two.  Or three. Or more.

I am not going to lie, it takes practice.  It is a true discipline!

Don't give up.  If a thought comes in, say, "Ohhh, hello there, it's YOU again!" Redirect your attention to the water.  Watch your thoughts washing down the drain. If thoughts keep distracting close your eyes partially and gaze only on the water and how it moves over your flesh and down the drain.

Over time the thoughts of future and past will no longer intrude. You can begin the process of experiencing the truth of pure presence as you declutter your mind and it opens like a flower, the power of your existence, the role you play and the power you possess in even the smallest of actions or nonactions.

And so.

It is a beautiful time right now to think of such small, seemingly simple things and experiment.  it is a clean way to escape the insanity we see now.  And, it will help you to be better rested.

Everybody knows how the yogis could slow down their systems, conduct heat from within no matter how cold, and even travel astrally.  But of course, unless you have had that actual experience, you will never know and it might seem impossible.


That's what I chose to do in 2003-4. I was in a tremendous amount of emotional pain, going through big family dramas and lots of discord.  I had quit drinking and no longer had a crutch. I was really sick and tired of fighting my panic attacks and I really needed to rein myself into the NOW, sometimes just to get by for a few more minutes.

At the suggestion of an old friend known as "Captain Gratitude", I embarked on the exploration of The Power Of Now, after he gave me a single disk to listen to.

I chose to experiment, just to see if it could work.  Play with my own head?  YES.

I committed myself to the practices set forth by The Power Of Now. I read it sentence by sentence, paragraph by paragraph.  The reading of the book itself was a great test of the call for presence!   

It took a year and plenty of re-reading, to really get into the groove of  the Now experience. But also, once I was in that presence of mind, I had to manage the energy; the truth is, in the truth of pure presence, the spirit is vast, and so it becomes extremely important to still stay grounded.  At times you will wonder if it is possible to contain the vastness of your being-ness in your human cocoon.

The prolonged experience of pure presence is definitely not for everyone, and I know I am a bit different, in that I have always been on a quest for truth.  I personally loved the experience but it's difficult to sustain in our society.


I WAS supposed to be talking about the new moon, but now it waxes in Aries.  As we can all see, there are seeds that have been planted, at the recent new moon, and these will show up as new beginnings, now, with a focus on law and order but also, military unrest.

Capricorn historically shows leaders, military leaders, or maybe in the case of this rebellion, militias.  And as the sun moves from the final degree of Capricorn, into Aquarius we see a leader moving away and now a new one comes in, who is more evolved.

As the moon moves through Aries at the time of this writing, the energy is willful,  fiery, but like an ember that burns.  Next couple of days, anyway.  And, Venus is hiding in the 12th house, the house of Neptune and Pisces.

The second house has to do with the area of our lives where value is concerned.  The things that we value.  Money.  How those values show up in our lives, or our personalities. To make matters more confusing, we see Neptune here and that's a slow-moving body, and things are not so clear.  Certainly Neptune can also be seen as a protector, a divine protector, like a guardian angel, and something not of this place.

Most of the time, if you know the placements in your natal chart, you can relate very strongly to whatever sign is on the natal second house.

The energies or manifestations of the 2nd house involve money, savings accounts, bonds, security, real estate, and fundamental money habits which are formed by the values we are taught. 

The structures we want to break out of are slipping away as we all move toward freedom, and revolution...and yeah...there are laws being broken.  What ARE the laws, anyway?  There is retribution and a call for order.

I am talking energies, here I am not really necessarily predicting anything. I want everyone to just kind of feel into what this means for you.  If it doesn't resonate in any shape way or form, it's not for you. Also this is a collective energy read.

If I never looked at the news, and am living under a rock someplace far away, and look at this chart, I would still tell you that it looks like a type of rebellion against the STRUCTURE that Saturn has built upon.  Saturn as a teacher can show up as higher learning, and in the sign of Aquarius we see huge technological changes due to those placements.

The focus is on matters of personal freedom, and individuality.  Where does the line get drawn, when it comes to the good of many people? GROUPS of people? 

The Sun sits at the final degree anaretic degree in Capricorn at this time, we are going to see somebody come in who helps with this transition. There is a military push that shows a sense of urgency. As the Sun moves away and slips into Aquarius, a leader sinks below the horizon.

If you have Saturn placed in Taurus, you are going to be challenged all lifelong by working for hard for your security. You will also be a very hard worker, and maybe even work the land. 

Saturn has a thing about TIME; it likes to give it's rewards later.  If you have Capricorn placements I am pretty sure you were a child-adult and now you are an adult-child!

If you are older, everyone tells you how "young" you seem! And you may even feel younger as you age.

Another interesting feature of Capricorn energy, is related to big business, and banking systems. Capricorn is a bank owner, or manager, and not a clerk. Other themes in Capricorn include our elders, ancestry, whether a grandparent or a special neighbor next door, who still carries the traditions of a culture or race of people.

DEEP values and traditions are a factor right now, as we feel a threat to our very existence. There are elements of something related to riches hidden in the ground.  Don't buy minerals.  Stay away from mining stocks.  It's not good.


Listen, listen listen.  We are going to be having more earthquakes for a little while, and it is good to pay attention to what is happening there.  It is also a great time to watch those volcanoes man!

Can our country really be of two minds?  I see this. Are we supposed to be meeting in the middle? Or, with the North Node, in the sign of Gemini, the idea may be to not take everything so seriously. To accept the bipolar dynamics? This really is about communication.  

We see the North Node in Gemini until 2022.  We are adding to our vocabulary; new words are being formed as tech advances. Will the elders be left behind?

Communication is  advancing quickly!  Fast as mercury.  We are moving into a new technological age.

Aquarius is about friends, hopes, wishes, dreams, what we aspire to, for all of humanity. Groups of friends. The whole of humanity.  The greater vision.  

This is all for now.

I've been holding off on this writing, and I am writing as I am able. Keep checking back on this post. 

Tuesday, January 12, 2021

What Matters Most At This Moment?

If we boil things down to their core, all human beings have the same common needs.

We need shelter.

We need food.

We need water.

We need sunshine.

We need sleep.

We need protection from the elements.

We need touch.

We need love.

We need trees.

These are not debatable.  It's a natural FACT.

I believe the root of all unkind, unloving choices made on the planet is caused by deficiencies in these basic needs, and FEAR. I believe if every living being had these needs satisfied first, from birth, and uninterrupted, the human condition would stand a much better chance at not eating itself alive.

I am sure, you could add to the list of basic needs in great detail. That which is required for our bodies and brains to function correctly...sure, sure.  And of course, various species need these things to varying degrees.  Or consume nutrients in a variety of ways.

When Pluto moved into Capricorn in 2008-09, it began to personally touch my natal chart. At the time, we had a tiny flare-up, a precursor to how Pluto (which rules Scorpio) might behave in that sign, called H1N1.

"(H1N1) virus emerged. It was detected first in the United States and spread quickly across the United States and the world." CDC  

I got sick. I was really sick!  I truly thought I was going to die.

Pluto has continued to drag it's transformational energy straight through the U.S. chart since that time. (and, mine). 

Pluto is a slow moving planet.  It's tiny, and powerful.  It is very far from us.  Therefore, unless the planet Pluto is prominently featured in your natal chart, or there is lots of action around your personal planets (Sun, Moon, Mercury, Venus, even Jupiter) by close aspects, it doesn't cause anything in your life to happen quickly.  And, since it moves so slowly, most people around you who are your age are probably experiencing similar losses and changes in their lives.

Essentially, the best way to describe my own personal experience of Pluto raking itself through my 12th and 1st houses of my chart is....complete and total loss of identity or any bearing on my old way of thinking or being.

It didn't happen all at once.  Instead it has moved powerfully through my life creating HUGE shocking and permanent changes in my mental, physical, emotional and spiritual life.

The energy is letting up now that other planets move out of Capricorn and away from my personal planets.

I hear many astrologers out there asking:  what has Pluto done for you in your life?  Many of them see the incredible aspects Pluto is making and wonder, "Am I seeing this for real?  What does this look like personally for someone with these all lined up?"

I will share:

Much of it has been about death, and what comes after that.  My ability to communicate with my loved ones no matter what, and coming into that shocking reality.  Also coming to recognize that I am one with everything, whether I like it or not.  My choices effect the collective.

Erasing an old version of myself as a parent who was never parented in a loving way, and going back to before I was even born. Finding that tiny seed of a soul who came here to hang out for a bit.  A remembering.  Reincarnation.

Powerful separations that felt like death, that changed the course of my life.  

Powerful karmic connections that were based upon unconscious, deep-seated early childhood trauma and wounding on all angles and sides.

A complete and total falling out of my own reality as those around me did shocking things and behaved in shocking ways which were entirely the opposite of the truth, which caused me to lose a grip on reality at times, and at other times forced me to let go of old realities.

Isolation.  Lots of it.

The concept of power...being controlled, or controlling.  Letting go.

Empowering and being overpowered.  Hidden power and the occult.

Facing darkness and inner shadows without fear.  Harsh cold looks at old dying structures and patterns.

Signs of initiation, such as animal encounters, and precognizance.

Chains of events that lead me to truly miraculous experiences that are taking a book to describe.  With proof.

My soul died thousands of times.  

Later I found out people had betrayed me or lied to me.  I realized I was in one-sided relationships giving to others when I needed to give to myself.  I realized I was betraying myself.

Great lessons to be learned when Pluto comes through.

And, yes.  If it touches your chart, it's PERSONAL.  REAL personal.  

We see this reflected in the U.S. chart.  The old ways falling away.  But it's not all new until 22.  

Now we are going to see rebellion. Jupiter, Saturn and Mercury have moved into Aquarius. People are speaking up for individual and collective freedom. Groups come together.  

"These are our dreams and we have a right to have them, and we are coming TOGETHER AS A COLLECTIVE".

This is perfectly fine, but be careful, because there ARE rules and restrictions happening.

Saturn, the rule guy, is finally free of the restrictions that held him back while in the sign of Capricorn. the sign of Aquarius Saturn is not so much at home. Many of us are going to be wanting that freedom of expression, of higher thinking and collective wishes and's just that...there needs to be some structure.

We may see some unexpected weather patterns or extreme weather, as technology has a great need for advancement to save the planet. There are new rules and laws that will be reforming (Pluto) how our planet functions (Saturn).  Telehealth (mercurty) services are a perfect example.

Soon enough the cash system goes away.  Will the US or the planet choose to use a universal money system?  It's entirely possible.  It's definitely a prediction I had back in 2017 and now it's happening with crypto. 

Now we see people coming together as community, creating structures that work for them on local levels.  In keeping with climate change there is a true push to reduce the need for the use of fossil fuels, and many of us now SEE, with Uranus in Taurus, that Mother Earth is going to start responding in more physical ways unless we progress and make changes.

Even if we don't change a thing, our planet is changing.

Things are going to be magnified for the next month, at least, right off the bat starting right now.  Jupiter conjunct Saturn will magnify the impacts of law and order against or in the FACE OF rebellion.

It truly is amazing once you learn astrology, I hardly need to watch the news to give you these reports of what is coming or showing up.

Fun, fun.

Either way.

Astro News, baby.

So what does this mean for you?  Personally? 

Staying strong within yourself means loving your inner child.  Literally taking care of yourself as if you are your own child.  

Mars is out of Aries, and into Taurus.  So, while Mars was in Aries many were focused on our right to exist in the first place.  Our will to live. The beginning.  Self worth starts coming more to the fore in its' manifested form. in the second house of values, and earned income.  

We make choices in our daily lives, with a focus on security. We are not victims, we are creators of our new reality, and the reality we individually experience is subjective yet the goals are common.

There's really not much magic to it.

Now as we begin to see the planets of Jupiter and Saturn together moving through the sign of Aquarius, things are going to get interesting.

I made predictions in 2017 that foretold the pandemic and the moment we are at right now, as I was exploring how Pluto was acting in the sign of Capricorn. I plan to publish those predictions in my forthcoming book which I'm sure will be released when the time is right.

Here we go:

Forget about money as you have understood it.  It's not making sense.  It's all changing.  I've known this since 2017, but it really is actually happening now.  

Don't panic.  

Even if you are a capitalist or a money monger, the worst thing you can do is move too quickly.  Image:  those chinese finger toys that tighten around your fingers when you pull on them.  The more you move the tighter it gets.  I get an image of a rodent inside of a tunnel and each time he moves he gets more stuck.

And, don't go spending your money all on crypto. 

FIVE planets are rambling on into the sign of Aquarius, the water bearer.  What is that looking like?  Pretty moody.

To me it looks like high tech is evolving with the times.  There are new laws and restrictions being put into place right now.  Aquarius vibe is for freedom, liberation, and universalism, discovery, community and love for all.  Loyalty somehow also facts in here at this time.

This is very good.  

It is lots of changes happening all at once, that's what's up.  I am sure many of us are feeling things are changing very quickly.  Many are even losing track of time. This is not just caused by the Covid but by all the changes happening all over the planet!

Hang on to your hats.

Wear your masks.

Be the change.

Love your neighbor.

Love yourSELF.

Wednesday, January 6, 2021

Attack On Capitol Hill?

I am sitting here looking at these "protests", or, should I say, the ATTACK on Capitol Hill.  

I have loved many of these characters, and could swear I know a couple of them.  If not personally, I understand where they may come from.

I will tell you what I think:

I think, if the intention was to be out-of-sight and low-lying, so as to not incite violence from these troubled people, and if the reasoning behind ALLOWING them to march into the Capitol right through the front doors was to MINIMIZE violence, it was a fail.

Likewise, if the reason for not having security on the ready was to somehow destroy the electoral votes...that might be more concerning.

And so maybe the reason for security not doing their job or doing it differently than one might expect, is also a way of caution, in the wake of millions of Americans who have seen the injustice of our system...those who want to de-fund the police.

I do not support or NOT funding the police, but I DO support educational and social programs of immersion for police to be educated on how to cope with mental health issues.

But don't lay it all on the cops.  

How about the condition of the mental health care system?  How's that "inclusion" going?  Is there "inclusion" yet?  That's where lots of money needs to go.

Personally, I have never met an addict or an alcoholic who did not have an underlying mental health care issue that was perfectly valid, even if the family of origin and society wanted to deny it.

Either way...the security at Capitol Hill today, given the collective trauma around law enforcement and corruption..on all me it was the right way to approach the day.  Another day at the office.  Let's not make the assumption that people are going to eff up.

But they did.

When I watched Trump's statement, assuming it was his entire statement, he sent messages NOT to the American people, and NOT in support of democracy.  

Instead he sent a restrained collection of words designed to avoid backing down on his loss, and to validate his supporters.

A while back I met a Q but had no idea he was a Q for years. He seemed like a really sweet guy, did lots of work with poor people and was working in the spiritual community as a supposed respected healer and reader.

He would disappear for several days at a time, then pop in, saying he had been in an area without service, or that he was working on his "project", or in meditation, or working.  He was secretive about his "project" and said he couldn't really talk about it.

Then, just as quickly as we hooked up, he dumped me.  It was 2016.  It never crossed my mind that he dumped me because I hated Trump.  I was devastated.

More than a year later, in January of 2018, I was discretely invited to join "the project".  I still wasn't over him. I figured, since we were on the same spiritual path, I could support the spiritual work, and since it was the first time he had opened it up for me to see, I was honored that I had been invited.

I fully expected, after he had ghosted me two years previous, that we would connect to eventually talk about what had passed between us.  No doubt, I still felt very hurt by the 2016 mysterious ghosting.

In the beginning I was falling-down enthusiastic about the project, but wanted to know more. Part of it was to support the Children Of Light.  I had never heard of the Children Of Light specifically, although during the 80's I did lots of exploration around Indigos, native American practices and rituals, and about the Crystals and star people.   

As weeks passed, the "support" groups weren't always "supportive".  Some weeks it would turn into a big discussion about the upcoming "big events" that would cause the group to come into a whole bunch of money and create a "camp" where the Children Of Light could be taught, and saved.

Sounded good to me.  Not exactly what I was going for when I went to the support group, but whatever.

Things took a serious turn when, in March of 2019 I pulled into a meeting and saw a vehicle with a Trump sticker.  I was a bit surprised to see a Trump supporter at a support group for empaths. I began to put things together.  I didn't want my newfound group to be a bunch of Trump supporters.

I went in but it was the same people.  Who liked Trump?  Was I soon to be convinced that Trump supporters were good people?

After that the groups began to fly out of control, with no attention whatsoever to sound healing, meditation, or any healing techniques that should definitely be taught to empaths.  Eventually the group got kicked out of its location by the doctor who was kind enough to share his space, thinking they were supporting whole health.

In fact he died a few weeks ago, I was sad to see.

Instead of being supportive, it began to turn into ghost stories, with various members saying they could see things that I personally could not see but could sense, maybe... and passionate raves about conspiracy theories and child molestation.   

My daughter and I were going together. I was feeling uneasy about the whole thing and many of the members, I began to mistrust. Each support group they ran, they squeezed more donations out of people who stopped in, then later took off on a "mission" to find more people to add to the "family" in Ojai, California.

By April I had begun to see that many new members being brought in were desperate mothers who were being screwed over by their husbands and families, many who had lost their children due to mental health issues and were in DCF custody or with their fathers or grandparents. Other members who had been there from the start stood to inherit money or land.

When I had a disagreement with one of the members over the phone and she told me she supported Trump, I finished my conversation with her, removed myself from the group, blocked everyone from the group, and let it go.

Then the Universe literally picked me up and moved me very far away.

The spiritual movement is a huge farce egged on by Trump and his supporters to get money from desperate people by feeding into their fears, not helping them to overcome their personal challenges or teaching them skills to cope with life in a sustainable way.

They even convinced us to sign documents, telling us that we could only become members of the "family" if we signed an agreement to work with their "guides" from, of all places, Aldebaran.  There was a deadline.  There was pressure.  After we had signed it, I found out that the main people in the group had not signed it themselves.


I still don't know what they did with my signature.

Since I work with my own guides and know I am fully protected on my mission here on this Earth, I have absolutely no metaphysical fear of signing the paper.  I wanted to see where they were going with this.  Was I a spy?

Sort of.

If you are interested in the mysteries of the universe...any mystery will do for your investigative compulsion, and so I might say I went in a spirit of curiosity and hoping to learn, because I have an open mind and am humble.

These spiritual groups have worked behind the scenes pulling money together from desperate human beings for spiritual help. The goal was never to help anybody but to miraculously come up with money for his campaigns, and what's want to talk about fraud?

Just sayin'....could it be that Trump believes a big lie?  

That during the course of his presidency he fell more and more vulnerable to the Q?  Especially if they kept on financing him.  I am only guessing here.

As I continue to watch the scene in front of the Capitol I recall a child who was a neighbor of ours.

He and his twin brother spent lots of time at my home, with my kids and other children in the neighborhood. He truly became a part of our family, for a short time.  I genuinely loved him as my own.  He had a childhood crush on my daughter which fortunately eventually went away.

His mother was a staunch, highly-educated, documented and troubled mentally ill Republican from Indiana.  She was physically, emotionally and spiritually abusive to her children in all ways due to her illness and a life of trauma.  It was an unpredictable and sometimes scary upbringing.

To be sure it was a confusing way to grow up, never knowing which was up or down with the moods or the emotional outbursts and the father was a terrible alcoholic who played the victim.

So, the kids came to my house quite a bit.  I was even friendly with her from a distance.  

Years went by, the kids grew, and began to become who they would be.  On a June day he stopped by to help me with my lawn mower.  

He always made sure we were plowed out and worked on my car when we got stuck.  He had gone to vocational school for a trade but was better at fixing cars and small engines.  Smart kid.

He wasn't drinking or doing drugs which I was very happy about.  He was also a very hard worker and had a good hardworking group of friends who also did not drink or do drugs and were hard workers.  

He told me he wasn't going to college and that his twin had married his high school sweetheart and gone to Florida and were having a baby.  He told me he wanted a family and it was too bad my daughter didn't fall for him.

He showed me his new truck.  Big huge flags on the back.  One with a coiled snake and another, red, white and blue, in the shape of an X.

"Wow," I said," What's up with the flags?"

"Huh?"  he smiled and I asked him again what the flags meant.

"They don't mean anything, really," he shrugged with a tiny smile on his face, "it's an American flag, duh."

"I don't know," I told him. "It looks like something more, which you seem to not want to tell me, and I am going to research those flags."

"Go ahead," he said.

I haven't seen him now in a very long time, but when Mass banned Confederate flags....WOW....what a revelation, for me!  Now I wondered what people thought when they saw his truck parked in front of my house all those years.  

In the past four years the American flag has truly become as much a weapon that  represents racism, capitalism, inequality and hate.  It just feels so wrong the way it's been desecrated by the Cult Of Trump.

I think we need to change our national flag as part of the healing, and if we do, I want to help design it.

Do me a favor, won't you?  Instead of thinking that life is going to take care of things for you, take a proactive approach in life that people can see with their eyes and make this planet a blessed and beautiful place of love and safety.


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