Wednesday, January 6, 2021

Attack On Capitol Hill?

I am sitting here looking at these "protests", or, should I say, the ATTACK on Capitol Hill.  

I have loved many of these characters, and could swear I know a couple of them.  If not personally, I understand where they may come from.

I will tell you what I think:

I think, if the intention was to be out-of-sight and low-lying, so as to not incite violence from these troubled people, and if the reasoning behind ALLOWING them to march into the Capitol right through the front doors was to MINIMIZE violence, it was a fail.

Likewise, if the reason for not having security on the ready was to somehow destroy the electoral votes...that might be more concerning.

And so maybe the reason for security not doing their job or doing it differently than one might expect, is also a way of caution, in the wake of millions of Americans who have seen the injustice of our system...those who want to de-fund the police.

I do not support or NOT funding the police, but I DO support educational and social programs of immersion for police to be educated on how to cope with mental health issues.

But don't lay it all on the cops.  

How about the condition of the mental health care system?  How's that "inclusion" going?  Is there "inclusion" yet?  That's where lots of money needs to go.

Personally, I have never met an addict or an alcoholic who did not have an underlying mental health care issue that was perfectly valid, even if the family of origin and society wanted to deny it.

Either way...the security at Capitol Hill today, given the collective trauma around law enforcement and corruption..on all me it was the right way to approach the day.  Another day at the office.  Let's not make the assumption that people are going to eff up.

But they did.

When I watched Trump's statement, assuming it was his entire statement, he sent messages NOT to the American people, and NOT in support of democracy.  

Instead he sent a restrained collection of words designed to avoid backing down on his loss, and to validate his supporters.

A while back I met a Q but had no idea he was a Q for years. He seemed like a really sweet guy, did lots of work with poor people and was working in the spiritual community as a supposed respected healer and reader.

He would disappear for several days at a time, then pop in, saying he had been in an area without service, or that he was working on his "project", or in meditation, or working.  He was secretive about his "project" and said he couldn't really talk about it.

Then, just as quickly as we hooked up, he dumped me.  It was 2016.  It never crossed my mind that he dumped me because I hated Trump.  I was devastated.

More than a year later, in January of 2018, I was discretely invited to join "the project".  I still wasn't over him. I figured, since we were on the same spiritual path, I could support the spiritual work, and since it was the first time he had opened it up for me to see, I was honored that I had been invited.

I fully expected, after he had ghosted me two years previous, that we would connect to eventually talk about what had passed between us.  No doubt, I still felt very hurt by the 2016 mysterious ghosting.

In the beginning I was falling-down enthusiastic about the project, but wanted to know more. Part of it was to support the Children Of Light.  I had never heard of the Children Of Light specifically, although during the 80's I did lots of exploration around Indigos, native American practices and rituals, and about the Crystals and star people.   

As weeks passed, the "support" groups weren't always "supportive".  Some weeks it would turn into a big discussion about the upcoming "big events" that would cause the group to come into a whole bunch of money and create a "camp" where the Children Of Light could be taught, and saved.

Sounded good to me.  Not exactly what I was going for when I went to the support group, but whatever.

Things took a serious turn when, in March of 2019 I pulled into a meeting and saw a vehicle with a Trump sticker.  I was a bit surprised to see a Trump supporter at a support group for empaths. I began to put things together.  I didn't want my newfound group to be a bunch of Trump supporters.

I went in but it was the same people.  Who liked Trump?  Was I soon to be convinced that Trump supporters were good people?

After that the groups began to fly out of control, with no attention whatsoever to sound healing, meditation, or any healing techniques that should definitely be taught to empaths.  Eventually the group got kicked out of its location by the doctor who was kind enough to share his space, thinking they were supporting whole health.

In fact he died a few weeks ago, I was sad to see.

Instead of being supportive, it began to turn into ghost stories, with various members saying they could see things that I personally could not see but could sense, maybe... and passionate raves about conspiracy theories and child molestation.   

My daughter and I were going together. I was feeling uneasy about the whole thing and many of the members, I began to mistrust. Each support group they ran, they squeezed more donations out of people who stopped in, then later took off on a "mission" to find more people to add to the "family" in Ojai, California.

By April I had begun to see that many new members being brought in were desperate mothers who were being screwed over by their husbands and families, many who had lost their children due to mental health issues and were in DCF custody or with their fathers or grandparents. Other members who had been there from the start stood to inherit money or land.

When I had a disagreement with one of the members over the phone and she told me she supported Trump, I finished my conversation with her, removed myself from the group, blocked everyone from the group, and let it go.

Then the Universe literally picked me up and moved me very far away.

The spiritual movement is a huge farce egged on by Trump and his supporters to get money from desperate people by feeding into their fears, not helping them to overcome their personal challenges or teaching them skills to cope with life in a sustainable way.

They even convinced us to sign documents, telling us that we could only become members of the "family" if we signed an agreement to work with their "guides" from, of all places, Aldebaran.  There was a deadline.  There was pressure.  After we had signed it, I found out that the main people in the group had not signed it themselves.


I still don't know what they did with my signature.

Since I work with my own guides and know I am fully protected on my mission here on this Earth, I have absolutely no metaphysical fear of signing the paper.  I wanted to see where they were going with this.  Was I a spy?

Sort of.

If you are interested in the mysteries of the universe...any mystery will do for your investigative compulsion, and so I might say I went in a spirit of curiosity and hoping to learn, because I have an open mind and am humble.

These spiritual groups have worked behind the scenes pulling money together from desperate human beings for spiritual help. The goal was never to help anybody but to miraculously come up with money for his campaigns, and what's want to talk about fraud?

Just sayin'....could it be that Trump believes a big lie?  

That during the course of his presidency he fell more and more vulnerable to the Q?  Especially if they kept on financing him.  I am only guessing here.

As I continue to watch the scene in front of the Capitol I recall a child who was a neighbor of ours.

He and his twin brother spent lots of time at my home, with my kids and other children in the neighborhood. He truly became a part of our family, for a short time.  I genuinely loved him as my own.  He had a childhood crush on my daughter which fortunately eventually went away.

His mother was a staunch, highly-educated, documented and troubled mentally ill Republican from Indiana.  She was physically, emotionally and spiritually abusive to her children in all ways due to her illness and a life of trauma.  It was an unpredictable and sometimes scary upbringing.

To be sure it was a confusing way to grow up, never knowing which was up or down with the moods or the emotional outbursts and the father was a terrible alcoholic who played the victim.

So, the kids came to my house quite a bit.  I was even friendly with her from a distance.  

Years went by, the kids grew, and began to become who they would be.  On a June day he stopped by to help me with my lawn mower.  

He always made sure we were plowed out and worked on my car when we got stuck.  He had gone to vocational school for a trade but was better at fixing cars and small engines.  Smart kid.

He wasn't drinking or doing drugs which I was very happy about.  He was also a very hard worker and had a good hardworking group of friends who also did not drink or do drugs and were hard workers.  

He told me he wasn't going to college and that his twin had married his high school sweetheart and gone to Florida and were having a baby.  He told me he wanted a family and it was too bad my daughter didn't fall for him.

He showed me his new truck.  Big huge flags on the back.  One with a coiled snake and another, red, white and blue, in the shape of an X.

"Wow," I said," What's up with the flags?"

"Huh?"  he smiled and I asked him again what the flags meant.

"They don't mean anything, really," he shrugged with a tiny smile on his face, "it's an American flag, duh."

"I don't know," I told him. "It looks like something more, which you seem to not want to tell me, and I am going to research those flags."

"Go ahead," he said.

I haven't seen him now in a very long time, but when Mass banned Confederate flags....WOW....what a revelation, for me!  Now I wondered what people thought when they saw his truck parked in front of my house all those years.  

In the past four years the American flag has truly become as much a weapon that  represents racism, capitalism, inequality and hate.  It just feels so wrong the way it's been desecrated by the Cult Of Trump.

I think we need to change our national flag as part of the healing, and if we do, I want to help design it.

Do me a favor, won't you?  Instead of thinking that life is going to take care of things for you, take a proactive approach in life that people can see with their eyes and make this planet a blessed and beautiful place of love and safety.


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