Tuesday, January 19, 2021

Capricorn Heavy New Moon Progressing To Aries, Jolted By Uranus Conjunct Mars, Saturn In Aquarius, Jupiter Squares Uranus And Mars

Many new things to think about as we move through the events happening on this planet.  As someone who is a fixer, I feel compelled to "fix" it, but I am only me and I personally am not sure this is my role, in the whole scheme of things.

Just throw me a good pile of soil and I can get the garden growing. It works for me. Hopefully you are all finding a way to your own gardens.  And, if not, at least enjoying some countertop sprouts.  

As a collective we move in the incoming energy of Taurus. The season of Spring, metaphorically. Taurus wants to hang on tightly, while Spring makes a push for growth.  Taurus is probably the most romantic sign of the zodiac, and enjoys beautiful things. 

Uranus is stirring things up for a bit, conjunct Mars in Taurus, as Jupiter squares it.  I see and feel this as an event. Sudden.

My feels for now?  If you're playing the market go for things that can grow, there will be big gains but prepare for equally surprising losses. There are new rules coming right now. The goal is for the greatest good of humanity, and Pluto continues to show us our deep- seated fears while making sure that things will never be the same again.


We should all give thanks for the miracle of our five digits.  Five is a vibration of far-reaching change, and we can change our reality by use of our hands. 

Artists and artisans, gardeners, and Earth tenders, this is a good time for you all to keep creating works of art that lead to change. Do not abuse this.  With Saturn now in Aquarius the karma CAN be far-reaching, and it WILL come back.


I just want to focus on the hands for a moment.  It really matters that we focus on our hands.  Feel the water running over your hands, hot or cold. Take a moment to listen to your thoughts.

Thoughts of the past and future appear in this moment, but don't judge them. Bring your attention to the experience of the water and it's properties, then shift your thoughts to how that feels on your fingers.

Stay in that for a second.  Or two.  Or three. Or more.

I am not going to lie, it takes practice.  It is a true discipline!

Don't give up.  If a thought comes in, say, "Ohhh, hello there, it's YOU again!" Redirect your attention to the water.  Watch your thoughts washing down the drain. If thoughts keep distracting close your eyes partially and gaze only on the water and how it moves over your flesh and down the drain.

Over time the thoughts of future and past will no longer intrude. You can begin the process of experiencing the truth of pure presence as you declutter your mind and it opens like a flower, the power of your existence, the role you play and the power you possess in even the smallest of actions or nonactions.

And so.

It is a beautiful time right now to think of such small, seemingly simple things and experiment.  it is a clean way to escape the insanity we see now.  And, it will help you to be better rested.

Everybody knows how the yogis could slow down their systems, conduct heat from within no matter how cold, and even travel astrally.  But of course, unless you have had that actual experience, you will never know and it might seem impossible.


That's what I chose to do in 2003-4. I was in a tremendous amount of emotional pain, going through big family dramas and lots of discord.  I had quit drinking and no longer had a crutch. I was really sick and tired of fighting my panic attacks and I really needed to rein myself into the NOW, sometimes just to get by for a few more minutes.

At the suggestion of an old friend known as "Captain Gratitude", I embarked on the exploration of The Power Of Now, after he gave me a single disk to listen to.

I chose to experiment, just to see if it could work.  Play with my own head?  YES.

I committed myself to the practices set forth by The Power Of Now. I read it sentence by sentence, paragraph by paragraph.  The reading of the book itself was a great test of the call for presence!   

It took a year and plenty of re-reading, to really get into the groove of  the Now experience. But also, once I was in that presence of mind, I had to manage the energy; the truth is, in the truth of pure presence, the spirit is vast, and so it becomes extremely important to still stay grounded.  At times you will wonder if it is possible to contain the vastness of your being-ness in your human cocoon.

The prolonged experience of pure presence is definitely not for everyone, and I know I am a bit different, in that I have always been on a quest for truth.  I personally loved the experience but it's difficult to sustain in our society.


I WAS supposed to be talking about the new moon, but now it waxes in Aries.  As we can all see, there are seeds that have been planted, at the recent new moon, and these will show up as new beginnings, now, with a focus on law and order but also, military unrest.

Capricorn historically shows leaders, military leaders, or maybe in the case of this rebellion, militias.  And as the sun moves from the final degree of Capricorn, into Aquarius we see a leader moving away and now a new one comes in, who is more evolved.

As the moon moves through Aries at the time of this writing, the energy is willful,  fiery, but like an ember that burns.  Next couple of days, anyway.  And, Venus is hiding in the 12th house, the house of Neptune and Pisces.

The second house has to do with the area of our lives where value is concerned.  The things that we value.  Money.  How those values show up in our lives, or our personalities. To make matters more confusing, we see Neptune here and that's a slow-moving body, and things are not so clear.  Certainly Neptune can also be seen as a protector, a divine protector, like a guardian angel, and something not of this place.

Most of the time, if you know the placements in your natal chart, you can relate very strongly to whatever sign is on the natal second house.

The energies or manifestations of the 2nd house involve money, savings accounts, bonds, security, real estate, and fundamental money habits which are formed by the values we are taught. 

The structures we want to break out of are slipping away as we all move toward freedom, and revolution...and yeah...there are laws being broken.  What ARE the laws, anyway?  There is retribution and a call for order.

I am talking energies, here I am not really necessarily predicting anything. I want everyone to just kind of feel into what this means for you.  If it doesn't resonate in any shape way or form, it's not for you. Also this is a collective energy read.

If I never looked at the news, and am living under a rock someplace far away, and look at this chart, I would still tell you that it looks like a type of rebellion against the STRUCTURE that Saturn has built upon.  Saturn as a teacher can show up as higher learning, and in the sign of Aquarius we see huge technological changes due to those placements.

The focus is on matters of personal freedom, and individuality.  Where does the line get drawn, when it comes to the good of many people? GROUPS of people? 

The Sun sits at the final degree anaretic degree in Capricorn at this time, we are going to see somebody come in who helps with this transition. There is a military push that shows a sense of urgency. As the Sun moves away and slips into Aquarius, a leader sinks below the horizon.

If you have Saturn placed in Taurus, you are going to be challenged all lifelong by working for hard for your security. You will also be a very hard worker, and maybe even work the land. 

Saturn has a thing about TIME; it likes to give it's rewards later.  If you have Capricorn placements I am pretty sure you were a child-adult and now you are an adult-child!

If you are older, everyone tells you how "young" you seem! And you may even feel younger as you age.

Another interesting feature of Capricorn energy, is related to big business, and banking systems. Capricorn is a bank owner, or manager, and not a clerk. Other themes in Capricorn include our elders, ancestry, whether a grandparent or a special neighbor next door, who still carries the traditions of a culture or race of people.

DEEP values and traditions are a factor right now, as we feel a threat to our very existence. There are elements of something related to riches hidden in the ground.  Don't buy minerals.  Stay away from mining stocks.  It's not good.


Listen, listen listen.  We are going to be having more earthquakes for a little while, and it is good to pay attention to what is happening there.  It is also a great time to watch those volcanoes man!

Can our country really be of two minds?  I see this. Are we supposed to be meeting in the middle? Or, with the North Node, in the sign of Gemini, the idea may be to not take everything so seriously. To accept the bipolar dynamics? This really is about communication.  

We see the North Node in Gemini until 2022.  We are adding to our vocabulary; new words are being formed as tech advances. Will the elders be left behind?

Communication is  advancing quickly!  Fast as mercury.  We are moving into a new technological age.

Aquarius is about friends, hopes, wishes, dreams, what we aspire to, for all of humanity. Groups of friends. The whole of humanity.  The greater vision.  

This is all for now.

I've been holding off on this writing, and I am writing as I am able. Keep checking back on this post. 

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