Friday, February 5, 2021

New Moon Aquarius, 2/11/2021-2/12/2021 12:22 am Astro Rant


Sun, Mercury, Jupiter, Venus, Saturn, New Moon: Aquarius

Sun conjunct New Moon; Jupiter, Venus Mercury CONJUNCT (house 4)

Mars, Uranus: Taurus

Mars in hard aspect to Mercury in Aquarius (houses 4, 7)

Neptune: Pisces, 19

nice angle to Mars, nice angle to Pluto (houses 3, 5, 7)

Chiron: Aries

House 6

Libra rises at the time of this writing 

House 1

MC 1 degree Leo

So what gives?

Lots of tension and intensity, for sure.  Uranus and Mars are wreaking havoc in Taurus.  No doubt, no doubt.  Now that the conjunction is passing it will let up a bit.  The surprises won't be so intense, but Uranus stays in the Earth element for a little while, and so we still have many surprises to come.

In the sign of Taurus we will consider to see a great revolution in climate change and how the Great Mother is going to respond to these collective energies.

Uranus is electrical energy, and it rules Aquarius.  Think of the axons firing off in the brain, thoughts and revelations comes quickly and unexpectedly, in the elements of air and and earth, right now.  It is also associated with Uranium.

Look around on the web for some surprising new green technology coming our way.  It is happening right now. 

Like optoelectronics, or holography, or like "beam me up Scotty" type crap.  Also the technologies that are exploding right now for climate change.  Are we going to discover that Earth in fact has it's own electrical current after all?  Geez.

Uranus is forming hard aspect to Jupiter and Venus.  This is happening in the fourth house of home and origin, and house 7, the house of partnerships, marriages, and one might even say...values.  That's what Venus cares about...and in her vanity she truly is in love with beauty.  Maybe this time brings attention to NATURAL beauty but I have a feeling we are going to see some styles from the techno 80's making a comeback!

Clashing of values in family structures are magnified, and business relationships, contracts and legal partnerships are being hit with some surprising revelations that are not so pleasant.  I guess we're not as secure as we thought we were.  Maybe there are an increase of earthquakes happening and there can be a new technology for that.

There are so many planets in Aquarius right now, all piled up, and they are seriously at odds with Uranus right now.  This intensity and surprise lasts a bit longer, and once they all move toward Pisces, we may be able to find some healing.  

There is a man and woman coming together in power now (Sun Conjunct Moon) and they are in leadership.  They are rocking the world, basically.  The whole entire collective.  They are in the mind of humanitarianism and the celebration of diversity and!

They are faced with a threat to the partnership, as we see revolutionary Uranus in Taurus shaking up the security and stability in the money sectors. The impact is far-reaching, involving international affairs.  This is because of Jupiter.

Jupiter is a jolly guy, he loves to give us presents!  He is also a great teacher, and very philosophical.  He might have a way of looking at things in a way you never thought of before.  It could be a great time to go back to school for a degree in technology, and/or biotech. BUT BEWARE!

As inflated as something seems, there are very fast pivots and possibly a hit to the technologies that rule the markets.  Maybe more and more we hear about the existence of infinite wealth.  Then, wealth is no longer a factor.  If there is an infinite amount of wealth, surely there should be no trouble with a universal system.


That's socialism right?  

I have no idea what we call all of this right now.  But from my perspective it looks like the next "digital" age, called somethingelse science, discovery, rocking the structures of outdated systems, expansion, and the disappearance of many old traditions that are...defunct.  Irrelevant.  Oh oh oh but the HUMANITY of it.

Last week I had started writing this and stopped writing, as I just couldn't deal with what I was seeing.  Since then I have been in a bit of a slump.  I realize that there are things I DO have control over.


Chiron in the sixth house is in the fiery first sign of Aries.  I AM!  I WILL!  I DO! I LEAD! I am not going to go all cliche on you here.  Let's remember that Chiron was one of the CENTAURS.  They were bred to be warriors!

But Chiron was a bit different, he was a lover, not a fighter, and wiser than the other Centaurs.  He was learn-ed in the science of herbal healing practices, botanical medicine, and botany. Thus he was not so much wounded but different, and not a warrior but more like a doctor or pharmacist.

Chiron in Aries wants us to heal the child within, to put our childrens' health first, and reminds us of our right to exist.  The children born today will wonder if they have a right to exist? Aries is the root of WILL, it is the first I AM.  For all of us, health becomes the priority and...who's first?


Now, let's talk about the nice meeting happening between Uranus, Pluto and Neptune!

This is an amazing and powerful longer term aspect.  While we are busy arguing about values and business, there are incredible powers at work that are going to be for our highest good.  

By Highest Good, I do not create any one definition of what that looks like.  I can only say that with these three planets together:

Pluto the planet of transformation, taxes, survival, getting together with Uranus looks like something out of a dream...what with Neptune there.  Lots of sudden realizations and discoveries.

I can't help but wonder if there is some big huge giant disaster that really changes the landscape, but it's happening over a long period of time and it is good.  Neptune has been in Pisces for SO LONG, and it is exactly conjunct my own North Node at this time.

Don't worry. None of us knows where we are going and it's a great idea to be comfortable in the void.

Even if you cannot see things clearly right now, it is good to know that you have no control over these things.  Destiny truly is at work, so don't sweat it! This is all part of the great design that has been in place before, and is now happening again.  This looks like evolution, to me.

Evolution of transportation and how we get around, evolution of the spirit, evolution of the SOUL.  It is not enough to say we are experiencing a change in "mindset".

It truly is an evolution of the soul that happens right now, how we view death, what happens in the afterlife, how we cope with death and how we can transform that in a way that honors our neighbors, our siblings, the people we know in our daily goings-on.  

Do you want me to talk about Pluto?

OK fine.  Not much to tell.  Other than to say it's got this great aspect with Mars...we are going to be seeing some very transformative and powerful people coming in, and somehow maybe it's like...there's this higher power overseeing all of this?  It's hard to see when it involves Neptune.  But to me, non-scientifically, it does appear that there is a higher power at work here.

He's still in Capricorn so his destruction continues on the old structures for a big longer.  Almost done!

If you got through this I am impressed.


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