Wednesday, March 10, 2021

March Rant, Quick Scopes, All Signs



March brings hope. The overarching energy is that of hope and with the Sun or the Self, Venus (self and other) and Neptune all bunch up together in the sign of Pisces in house 2.

The healing happens in a material way, as the Self merges with all that is. We move into uncharted territory...where are we, anyway? Who am I?  Who are you? We struggle as we experience the juxtaposition of self as opposed to a part of all that is, and it truly does demonstrate the need to move along the lines of unconditional love and healing.

Compassion, interconnectedness,  and spiritual love are where the money goes. That's where our values lie. Families have lost money as their loved ones were sick and dying.  Hospital bills, funeral costs...considering most Americans were one paycheck away from going into crisis before this whole thing...whew.

Opposite the 2nd house of money and values, is the 8th house of death, taxes and inheritances.  Maybe as people are transitioning into the part of life that we call death, they are leaving money behind to support causes that promote compassion and healing.   

Our values and money go to healing from grief, and trauma on all levels.

Uranus is REALLY busy in the third house of communication.  The kind of communication we use in our daily living. Communication about the Earth and material matters.  Security is a huge focus right now, and with Uranus' electrical current in the sign of the Bull, Taurus...there are surprising and strange things that COULD happen...

Electrocuted Cows?

OK maybe that's extreme, but suffice it to say that on that date, Uranus in Taurus was squaring the Moon.  And, maybe the farmers had a silver lining, like suddenly having the capital to build better fences and make their fields safer for the bulls.

Today, March 10, the Moon, Mercury AND Jupiter are conjunct to each other bunched up in the first house.  In Aquarius.


How does someone who is highly individualistic resolve with the self that goes out to the entire UNIVERSE and knows beyond a knowing that we are all connected?

How do we retain our individuality on a worldwide web that supports that?  These are the questions.  We are feeling humanitarian, and we are seeing great movements as the collective moves to support  humanity, itself.  We realize that with all our little quirks, we are not alone, and in fact may even stand out in the crowd.

Talks revolve around what is good about humanity, and the emotional energy gets directed universally.  Watch for good stock buying options or wins for high tech that supports humanity.  

We see that to support humanity is to support the self.  Likewise, to support the self is to support humanity.  We see that we are not so strange after all, and that nobody ever got famous by "fitting in" or being silent about who they are and where they stand.

Rebellion of the Self.  Rebellion in technology.  It's not bad, it's good, but things can get really exaggerated with Jupiter there.  Jupiter as the teacher, the philosopher...he is doing lots of teaching and the focus is on high tech, creativity, novel ideas that support brotherhood and universal love.

Quick takes:

Aries:  You are experiencing some healing in your financial sector and in the communications you have from day to day.

Taurus:  Lots of surprises, Bull.  You're acting quickly on opportunities that arise in surprising ways. Money is looking pretty good.

Gemini: Gemini, things are pretty quiet for you. There's a call for you use your verbal and mentally acrobatics.

Cancer: Focus on your physical health, and how you take care of yourself each day. Mars opposing you in the 12th house encourages you to find a form of spirituality.

Leo: Leo, life seems pretty good for you these days in the marriage sector.  OR you are bored and there is absolutely NOTHING going on with your marriage.

Virgo: the Virgo continues to focus on grief and loss and is in a cocoon. The subject of life after death can be a theme right now.

Libra: the Libra continues to heal the wounds of childhood and how that has an impact on their views of money.

Scorpio: Scorp is exploring how their inner insecurity has an impact on their financial security.  Digging deep and unexpected opportunities arise.

Sagittarius: Sag, you are so bored.  You want to be out with your peeps but the lockdown is keeping you home and in a quiet space.

Capricorn: glad that long horrible Pluto experience is letting up for you Cappy. Now take all that you have lost and rebuild yourSELF.

Aquarius:  the focus is on you, Aquarius. New technology, lucky breaks through conversations and meeting people who share your values.

Pisces: Pisces all eyes are on you and how your creativity brings you some money right now.  The focus is on beauty.

So there's my little March rant.  Stay tuned for the "Who Am I?" series!  



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Highest Good: March Rant, Quick Scopes, All Signs

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