Tuesday, April 20, 2021

April: Happy Spring And Quick Scopes

Full moon waning.  Feeling that earthy flavah?  Kiss the dirt, earth babies.  We are in full swing over here in the gardens, building up soil, and working hard on a better way.  If only we could feel safe from all that death and darkness.

There are underlying disruptions to deal with as the Sun, Mercury, Venus and Uranus hang together in Taurus, below the horizon. Uranus in the third house means there is lots of activity in general around:

Those things that come from the Earth


The  Earth Itself

Earthquakes (Sudden and unexpected)

Volcanoes (underground movements and disruptions)

Who's fracking?  Mining?  Not a good time for that right now.  

Talking to (Mercury in the third house) to those close to us in our communities about how we get around.  How we view security, and the sudden changes we are faced with.  And yes...act locally, think globally. The rules in regards to how we handle these earthly concerns are changing.

We want it to be beautiful, whole, and tangible. (Taurus is ruled by Venus).  What good is something you cannot hold in your hands or acquire?  This is about values.  Don't food yourself!

It takes a while for the planet to recover from just one ordeal.  Let's talk about all that has built up to this moment.  Pluto came like a glacier through the horoscope of the U.S.A. and has torn everything down that wasn't done right. Now, we are restructuring, and now maybe too, we will have to consider the Earth. 

Thinking OUT OF THE BOX (Uranus) about how we can use TECHNOLOGY (Mercury, Uranus) to act locally and think...beyond globally, is definitely a theme this month. 

Venus is shining brightly in Taurus.  Along with planets Mercury and Uranus, the honeymoon isn't over and conversations are about radical change from within and without.  Now, it is time to make things right.  And, beauty (Venus), earthly matters (Taurus), along with a more universal approach (Uranus) means rules do apply for the purpose of not just healing but a revolution, of sorts.


Yes, healing.  While the Sun was moving through Aries, he touched on Chiron and learned a thing or two about healing.  Music.  Herbs.  Whole health.  What it is.  Who deserves to exist and who is going to fight for that right.  Now the Sun moves in to the sign of Taurus so making it real is a "thing".

When Black Lives Matter was nominated for a Nobel Prize after initiating change, and now establishing how that change is done with a more solid foundation...is also a theme now.

OK OK I am here, so I will do a quick scan for each sign:

Aries:  Like whoa.  The past few months have been a trip, you having to stand up for your right to exist and realizing your wounds, and accepting the wounds you perceive in yourself are actually gifts.  So, Aries...go get that security you are WORTHY OF.

Taurus:  Taurus, why do I think you have been busy hatching a plan?  Over the past few months you've been super busy putting things into action to focus on the security of a future that quite frankly, Taurus, is changing.  I mean, that perception of security.  Let's talk legacy.  Don't forget you are always in opposition to Scorpion and so those matters may come up at this time.

Gemini: Gemini your time is up.  It's been a great ride.  And it does appear that the planet IS moving toward the double standards, the duplicity, the...puns, those funny twists and turns in speech!  A dualistic existence, someone might think you are Libra, Gemini, the way you can give your light and darkness equal attention.  But, for now, things are quieter, and so are you.

Cancer: Things are really quiet Cancer.  Looks like you are focusing on the daily routines and not quiet there yet when it comes to romance or marriage. It's probably helping you a lot to know that you are finally out of the living hell you were enduring over the past eight years or so now that Pluto moves out of opposition to you.  Deep breath.  Be in the moment because you can be, now.

Leo: 2017 was a wild year for Leo, but things are really pretty quiet for the Lions.  If anything the life is revolving around marriage and maybe the absence thereof, but it works as a business type of partnership, where you both share the same values when it comes to security.

Virgo: Hey, Virgo.  What is going on with you?  Still grieving the losses, Virgo.  No doubt when somebody leaves, things do not fit together the same as they always did.  But.  VIRGO, you just need to get on the bus, baby.  Get on the bus even if you aren't feeling it.  Because that is where the blessings lie.  They call you like sirens from across the planet.  Things are very magical for you right now with the trine action happening with Taurus and have been for some time as Pluto has also been trine to you in Capricorn.  The magic continues, Earth Master!

Libra:  Geezuz Libra, you're out there, you're just really out there.  Scooping it all up.  Where are you, in another country?  Learning a new language?  Inquiring Libra, you are being very resourceful right now, and the focus should be on blessings from learning and travel.  Any culture other than your own will do!

Scorpio: Scorpio.  I am sorry if you are experiencing so much push and pull right now.  With all these planets and mainly Uranus in Taurus how have you defined security?  It's making you pretty uncomfortable to be in the limelight, you ARE getting action at the top of the chart.  Use your power for good, Scorp.  And yah.  Get back down to Earth and out of your own fixed opinions and attachment to the old ways..you might be under investigation.

Sagittarius:  Sag, you're so quiet and so is the chart. Wait until August.  I think things really heat up around then, and maybe get unstuck while you are sitting around thinking of travel in the mind.

Capricorn: Are you still alive?  Lots of attention on you since 2009 and finally the darkness is moving out.  Make those final changes over the next year to say goodbye to the old and hello to the New Age.  Because, Capricorn, you need it.  We know you are connected to your elders.  Now get to some magic-making, because this is your time to SET YOURSELF FREE and see the world you've been trying to tell everyone about for way too long.

Aquarius: Well, Aquarius.  Yeah, you've been really lucky but you also need to do the work.  So if you want the law off your back, I strongly suggest you pull yourself together.  Saturn is hanging out smack dab in the middle of your sign. Maybe this is a teacher, or a strong male presence, or a father. The lesson has to do with...you.  Your identity.  How you present yourself and are seen. Who are you, anyway?  If my calculations are correct, you are learning things that need to be understood.  Keep going!

Pisces:  Good Lord, Pisces.  You are REALLY in the magic, I just know it, I can FEEL it!  You are in the sea of something deep, and it's showing you in coin, or upscaled values. Neptune is hugging up to ya, in the second house of money and values. Come on Pisces, get off it over the money wounding and value yourself.   It seems like you are feeling really blessed in this way!  What a magical healing to your bank account!

OK folks that's it.  Take a few moments and treat yourself to this amazing new video I have discovered...

You And Me And Humanity

April: Happy Spring And Quick Scopes

Full moon waning.  Feeling that earthy flavah?  Kiss the dirt, earth babies.  We are in full swing over here in the gardens, building up so...